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  • Attaches bristle discs to rotary tools for cleaning, blending and finishing
  • Use with small radial bristle discs 1 inch diameter or smaller with 1/16 inch diameter center hole
  • Mandrel fits 3/32 inch drill or collet chucks
  • Suitable for speeds up to 30,000 RPMs

Our 3M™ Bristle Disc Mandrel is a tool attachment that holds a small abrasive bristle disc (sold separately). Together, the mandrel and disc enable the user to clean, blend, or finish hard-to-reach areas of a work piece, such as inside corners, complex angles and curves. The mandrel attaches to a rotary tool such as a die grinder or drill.

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3M™ Bristle Disc Mandrel 27680, 3/32 in x 1/16 in
3M™ Bristle Disc Mandrel 27680, 3/32 in x 1/16 in, 5 per case
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Easy Attachment
Mandrels are designed to be used with power tools to help you reach hard-to-get-to areas on your work pieces. Our 3M™ Bristle Disc Mandrel is specifically made for use with small abrasive bristle discs, which are used to clean, blend, finish and remove rust or paint without damaging the base material. This mandrel is secured into the collet assembly or drill chuck of any rotary power tool that accepts 3/32 inch attachments.

High Quality Accessories
3M offers one of the widest selections of quality accessories to complement its abrasive and power tool lines, designed to optimize abrasive performance, add convenience, and create a cleaner work environment.