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  • Individually attached bristles offer maximum durability and prolonged service life
  • Gaps between bristles enable effective load resistance
  • Roll may be cut and shaped according to project dimensions
  • Waterproof for use on wet surfaces or with liquid lubricants
  • Nylon fibers resist chemical wear

3Mô Brushlon Roll 320B features short-trim nylon bristles resist loading and chemical wear. These short-trim bristles are especially helpful when used for noise reduction on workpieces, moving parts and creating non-slip surfaces.

3Mô Brushlonô Products: Choosing the Right One for You

3Mô Brushlonô products come in many variations Ė so, how do you know which one is right for you? Through a combination of three variables: bristle type, mineral and converted form.

3Mô Brushlon Roll 320B can be cut and shaped to meet project dimensions, and its short-trim nylon fibers provide a clean finish with the aggressive cut of a mineral-infused brush. Itís great for applications including:

  • Sound deadening
  • Vibratory bowl feeder lining
  • Vibratory conveying
  • Carrier roll covering
  • OEM application
320B does not contain mineral, and Ė while this may seem surprising for an abrasive product Ė the omission was intentional. The absence of mineral leverages the abrasiveís ability to respond to parts without gouging or marring.

Individually Anchored Bristles for Durability
Abrasive bristles on 3Mô Brushlon 320B counteract common pitfalls of tufted brushes. In tufted brushes, multiple bristles are attached with only a single fiber. If it breaks, multiple bristles are lost, which causes gapping and limits use. But, with non-tufted Brushlon materials, each bristle is individually anchored to a tough resin-fibre backing, minimizing bristle loss and maximizing brush life.

Versatility to Meet Any Challenge
Backed by more than 30 years of experience in brush development, the 3Mô Brushlon line offers you multiple options: nylon or polypropylene bristles, wide range of fiber diameters, many brush sizes and configurations and minerals. The durable resin backing also enables the abrasive to be run wet or dry.

Regardless of the 3Mô Brushlon product thatís chosen, industrial professionals can anticipate a uniform benefit: great performance part after part.