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  • Tough, short nylon bristles have a 20 degree tilt for easy cleaning, deburring, finishing, and more
  • Tilted bristles also provide directional control in vibratory feed applications
  • Individually attached bristles offer maximum durability and effective load resistance
  • Durable resin fibre backing can be curved and cut into numerous shapes to fit any application
  • Waterproof for use on wet surfaces or with liquid lubricants

The 3M™ Brushlon Roll 321B was designed to give you a versatile, high performance brush for vibratory feed conveying, cleaning and a variety of other applications. Its unique construction resists loading and wear from excess material or chemicals, assuring you to get the most out of each roll.

Individually Anchored Bristles for Greater Durability
The bristles of the 321B roll are designed to avoid the pit-falls of tufted brushes. In tufted brushes, multiple bristles are attached with only a single fiber. If it breaks, multiple bristles are lost, which causes gapping and limits use. But with non-tufted Brushlon materials, each bristle is individually anchored in tough resin fibre backing to minimize bristle loss and extend brush life.

Soft Touch for a Clean Finish
The short strands of this roll are made entirely out of tough nylon, which provides a clean finish without the aggressive cut of an abrasive infused brush. These strands are also tilted at a 20 degree angle to allow for easy directional finishing and even greater brush life. These features combine to create a strong, pliable brush surface that is adept at very soft finishing and cleaning on wood, metal or even glass.

Versatility to Meet Any Challenge
Backed by more than 30 years of experience in brush development, the 3M™ Brushlon line offers you multiple options: nylon or polypropylene bristles, wide range of fiber diameters, many brush sizes and configurations, multiple grades of silicon carbide or aluminum oxide abrasive, or no abrasive at all. Durable resin backing can be curved and cut into numerous shapes to fit any job.