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  • Y-weight cloth backing is tough and flexible for aggressive sanding action
  • Polyester material is water resistant to allow use with liquid lubricants
  • Resin bonding material resists heat and helps to prevent discoloration
  • Ceramic abrasive grains offer excellent cut rate and life for better performance
  • Delivers exceptional finishes on a variety of metal substrates

Our 3M™ Cloth Belt 964F is designed to provide efficient surface finishing on a variety of metals including soft metals like aluminum. Made with 3M™ ceramic grain attached to a water resistant polyester cloth backing using a resin bond, this belt can aggressively sand and finish surface without discoloring the metal. Can be used in either wet or dry applications.

Tough, Flexible and Heat Resistant
Our 3M™ Cloth Belt 964F features an anti-friction resin coating, which helps the abrasive run cool during low and moderate pressure applications, and helps prevent surface discoloration. The semi-flexible, water resistant Y-weight, polyester backing gives excellent strength and flexibility to the belt, and allows for use with liquid-based lubricants. These attributes make Cloth Belt 964F a good match for projects that require an equally durable and malleable abrasive belt.

3M™ Ceramic Grain
Cloth Belt 964F is engineered using 3M™ ceramic grain, which is engineered to cut fast and handle intense heat and stress applications. Ceramic abrasives are engineered to fracture frequently for a super-fast cut and can handle intense heat and stress applications. Ceramic grain surpasses aluminum oxide abrasives in cut-rate and durability and makes our 3M™ Cloth Belt 964F an excellent choice for refining, dimensioning, stock removal, scale removal, stroke sanding and weld leveling.

Get the Belt You Need
Abrasive belts come in many different widths and lengths and are used on a variety of different belt sanding tools for many different metalworking applications. 3M offers a broad selection of belts to fit most industrial belt sanders. Wider belts are used with wide belt sanders for flat finishing—to smooth rough cut edges of metal sheets, or add a grain pattern to stainless steel sheets. Medium-width belts are generally used on a backstand for weld removal or on a feed-thru style flat finisher for imparting a finish on sheets or coils. Narrow belts can be used on backstands for grinding and finishing, or on file tools to access right angle corners for finishing.