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  • Designed for grinding and finishing on stone, glass, ceramic, metal carbide and more
  • Diamond abrasive material cuts fast on very hard substrates
  • PSA backing sticks easily and securely to backup pads, and removes clean
  • Open dot pattern helps prevent loading of the abrasive for consistent action
  • Flexible 5 mil film backing helps run evenly over edges and contours
  • Waterproof construction allows for use with liquid lubricants
  • Available in three different dot patterns

3M™ Flexible Diamond PSA Film Disc 6018J was designed to tackle hard-to-grind materials like stone, glass, ceramic, metal, carbide and composites. The sharp-cutting diamond mineral and flexible backing make this abrasive a good match for a variety of metalworking applications – from grinding to finishing. Also features pressure-sensitive adhesive which allows easy peel-and-stick tool attachment.

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3M™ Flexible Diamond PSA Film Disc 6018J, M40, Type F, Pattern 18,

Fast and Fine Finishing
3M™ Flexible Diamond PSA Film Disc 6018J is designed to help you get the best finishes on a wide range of hard-to-grind materials without sacrificing cut rates. The primary difference between each diamond abrasive product is the abrasive backing or attachment. Choosing the right backing depends on operator preferences and the application.

3M™ Flexible Diamond PSA Film Disc 6018J is built on a strong but flexible 5 mil film backing. The flexibility of the film backing enables this diamond abrasive to move forgivingly over the workpiece, evenly working over edges and around contours. Premium, micron-graded diamonds are securely anchored to the backing in an open dot pattern with a metal bond. Metal bonds are known to be some of the toughest, most durable binding agents when it comes to adhering mineral to a backing, enhancing overall durability of the abrasive.

Three Unique Patterns
3M™ Flexible Diamond PSA Film Disc 6018J comes in three patterns: 18, B2 and 21, which each have their own advantages. 18 is a small-dot pattern, designed for fine finishes, and it provides the fastest stock removal on very hard materials such as thermal spray coatings and ceramics. B2 is a medium-dot pattern designed for aggressive cutting action and has improved coolant flow thanks to the spacing of the dots. 21 is the largest dot pattern and it's ideal for applications where loading is a problem, since the bigger gaps allow more swarf and debris to escape.

Overall, the open dot pattern – whether spaced out or condensed – helps produce aggressive cutting action while reducing loading. Given its dual strength and flexibility, the 3M™ Flexible Diamond PSA Film Disc 6018J is a great abrasive for your hard metal finishing needs — from grinding to finishing.

Press On, Peel Off
This diamond abrasive disc also features a pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) to make for easy and secure tool attachment. The PSA backing adheres like a sticker, so operators can secure the abrasive to a tool by applying light pressure. Swift tool attachment helps enhance productivity and throughput.