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  • Precision, micron-graded aluminum oxide offers a fast cut, long life and uniform finish on many substrates
  • Durable polyester film backing provides flexibility for consistent finishing on contoured surfaces
  • Load-resistant coating prevents dust and debris from clogging the disc
  • May be run wet or dry

3M™ Microfinishing Film Disc 366L features the right blend of abrasive components, micron-graded aluminum oxide mineral, polyester backing and anti-load coating to make it a great disc for dust-generating substrates. It’s engineered to keep cutting sharp – despite the debris.

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Designed for Paint Prep and Corrosion Removal
Microfinishing film is commonly used for paint prep and a variety of other applications because it balances strength with finesse. The 3M™ Microfinishing Film Disc 366L is designed to do just that. It produces a fast cut and uniform finish on a variety of substrates: wood, solid surface composites, plastic, metal and fiberglass.

We gave these discs premium, micron-graded aluminum oxide mineral. Aluminum oxide is a popular choice among industrial professionals given its durability and sharp cut. Moreover, aluminum oxide fractures and breaks down to expose fresh cutting edges. To compliment the effective mineral action, the polyester film backing flexes to provide a consistent finish over contours and offers good tear resistance. Additionally, the polyester film backing is water resistant, so the abrasive may be run wet or dry.

Fight Dust and Debris
When running the abrasive wet doesn’t make sense for your application, there’s an anti-loading stearate coating designed to help minimize loading. It breaks down gradually during sanding to remove dust and debris away from the abrasive, preventing mineral clogging and premature dulling. We engineered 3M™ Microfinishing Film Disc 366L with evenly spaced minerals, which helps evacuate sawdust and other sanding debris. Designed for use with orbital and random orbital sanders, the discs come in a range of micron grades for complete multi-step sanding and finishing.

Altogether, our 3M™ Microfinishing Film Disc 366L enables industrial professionals to capitalize on the benefits of a great microfinishing film that fights loading. Focus less on dust and debris and more on your top priority: your work.