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You want your closure to go on easily but securely, be conformable to your part shape and stay closed until you’re ready for it to easily peel open. Hook and Loop Fasteners offer maximum flexibility to both the shape of your part and for product design and manufacturing.

  • These hook and loop fasteners have Industrial Adhesives on the back so they’re easy to apply and engineered to adhere to a variety of substrates across multiple applications
  • Easy-Remove Liner: Easy-release liner improves manufacturing cycle times by eliminating liner struggles while the Easy Peel Edge is designed to be peeled off by a machine or by hand
  • Up to 5,000 Closures Strong: Hook and Loop Fasteners can withstand a lifetime of being opened and reclosed up to 5,000 times

Easy to Use, Easy to Apply

Easy to Apply: Just peel off the protective liner from each mated piece of Hook and Loop, attach them to your separate pieces (using a roller to ensure good adhesion) and then push the pieces together. Alternate method: Peel the protective liner from one side and attach the mated strip to one surface using a roller to ensure good adhesion, then peel the other liner to expose the adhesive and attach your second surface, pressing down to ensure good adhesion; the pieces can then be peeled apart for access.

Easy to Maintain: Just detach the pieces for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Easy to Replace: To change a sign or replace a panel, remove the original sign or panel and apply a new strip of either Hook or Loop to the new piece as described above and push the pieces together.