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30-50% longer life than EXL wheels
  • Wheel design achieves 30-50% longer life than the original EXL wheel
  • Extra tough wheel composition quickly removes burrs and radiuses sharp edges but requires less pressure than standard EXL wheels, without sacrificing finish
  • Convolute construction keeps the wheel running smooth and produces consistent, superior results in off-hand operations
  • Unique resin system minimizes smearing, reducing time spent cleaning surfaces
  • Minimizes heat build up to reduce risk of discoloration and warping on heat-sensitiv
  • Premium wheel is operator-friendly and achieves outstanding performance

The Scotch-Brite™ EXL PRO Deburring Wheel is our highest performing deburring wheel and an ideal fit for off-hand operations. It provides 30-50% longer life than our original EXL wheel, without sacrificing a smooth feel and conformability. Designed for optimal operator comfort, the EXL PRO wheel requires less pressure for a faster cut, making this the wheel of choice for premium performance.

Exceptional Cut and Longevity, with Less Pressure
Our hard density Scotch-Brite™ EXL PRO Deburring Wheel quickly deburrs stamped or laser cut parts, finishes after belt sanding, and polishes all types of metals, composites and glass. It not only achieves a super fast cut, but leaves a smooth, clean surface without smearing, reducing your need for additional cleanup and preparation. Convolute construction and clean, uniform wear keep the wheel running smoothly and produce a professional finish with less pressure, minimizing fatigue. Our Scotch-Brite PRO material runs cool and keeps fresh abrasives continuously exposed, making it a superior choice on heat sensitive substrates. The toughness of the wheel extends its service life to keep your productivity higher and costs lower.

Silicon Carbide for a Fine Finish
The Scotch-Brite™ EXL PRO Deburring Wheel contains silicon carbide abrasive mineral, a synthetic mineral that is very sharp and commonly used for low-pressure applications such as paint prep. While it breaks down faster than aluminum oxide, it produces a superior finish.