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Dense and stiff creates satin and antique finishes.
  • Produces satin and antique finishes on a variety of metals
  • Can be dressed to fit specific part geometry
  • Rigid convolute wheel construction works well on flat surfaces and corners
  • High cut rate requires low contact pressure
  • Open web is load resistant, prolonging abrasive service life

Our Standard Abrasives™ Metal Finishing Wheel is a dense and stiff convolute wheel designed to help you achieve a final finish on a variety of metals.

Producing Fine Finishes
Whether a technical requirement or purely aesthetic, many industrial markets value a final finish on their workpieces. We engineered our Standard Abrasives™ Metal Finishing Wheel to help produce the finishes users hope to achieve. It’s a good match for stainless steel fabricators and appliance and food equipment manufacturers, because it can help with production finishing of a variety of parts. Typical workpieces may include door hardware, plumbing fixtures, aluminum extrusions, sanitary metal containers and dairy equipment.

The Benefits of Aluminum Oxide
To engineer our Standard Abrasives™ Metal Finishing Wheel, we mix aluminum oxide mineral and nonwoven nylon fibers with resin to create an open web. Often, the mineral is paired with ferrous metals and composites, as well as fiberglass and plastic. It cuts aggressively without gouging or marring the substrate, maintaining original part geometry and reducing the need for rework. Medium grade aluminum oxide imparts decorative satin and antique finishes on stainless steel, brass and aluminum.