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  • Primer compatible with flexographic printing applications
  • Enables high value, custom void label constructions
  • Provides strong adhesive bond between facestock and contrast coating
  • Typical applications include bar code tracking, thermal transfer labels, warning labels

3M™ Primer Y122 is used to provide a strong adhesive bond between facestock and the contrast enhancement coating on tamper evident label materials.

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Scotch® Primer Y122, Transparent, 5 gallon Drum (Pail), 1 drum per case
Scotch® Primer Y122, Transparent, 5 gallon Drum (Pail), 1 drum per case
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Unique Release Characteristics Enable High Value, Custom Void Label Constructions
3M™ Primer Y122 provides a strong bond in situations where facestock and contrast enhancement coating do not easily adhere to each other. The thickness of the primer coating should be enough to cover the imaged release layer and provide a continuous surface for applying the contract enhancement coating.

Suggested Applications

  • Bar Code Tracking
  • Thermal Transfer Labels
  • Variable Information Printing (VIP)
  • Brand and Instruction Labels
  • Tamper Indicating
  • Destructible Labels
  • Void Message
  • Fraud Reduction
  • Laminating, Bonding and Digital Window Graphics

Security Against Tampering, Fraud, Counterfeiting, Theft
3M™ Tamper Evident products stay on guard letting you or your customers know about unwanted access, opening, or tampering of labels and seals. These theft deterrents leave a mark when removed that lets everyone know it has been tampered with or removed.

  • Discourage theft with ownership labels that tell they’ve been removed or altered
  • Enforce non-transferable warranties with security-seal warranty labels
  • Help prevent fraud and counterfeiting with irreplaceable labels and hard-to duplicate patterns that reveal when labels have been removed
  • Seal corners, flaps, seams, and lids of packages and products whenever it’s better to know if they’ve been previously opened

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