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THC-001 Blue Personal Mini-PAPR Air Purifying System with 30 - 99% Filter
THC-001 Mini Papr System

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Rechargeable. Lightweight (~0.25 lbs). High comfort level. Perfect for airline flights, gym sessions, restaurant kitchens, general extended wear.

Please read the manual carefully before use this product

Product introduction:

The world's first active air delivery system, efficient, convenient, environmentally friendly, innovative;

Product accessories:

One PAPR-type plasma air purifier

One charger

One USB cable

One storage bag

Two head straps

30 Pieces of 99% Filter

One product manual




This product is prohibited for people with heart disease or with a pacemaker.

This product is not designed for children (under 4 years of ) and is not intended for use by infants and other persons without behavioral control, nor is it suitable for sharing with others;

This machine cannot be used in oxygen-deprived environments, or in environments where concentrations of hazardous substances reach immediate life-threatening and health concentrations;

'Do not immerse the machine in liquid or liquid into the machine, and do not use the machine during bathing or shower;

Keep away from gas stoves and ovens and do not use the appliance in areas where flammable gases, flammable gases or flammable volatile liquids are present;

This machine in the abandonment of the proper handling, can not be put into the fire source, in order to avoid explosion accidents.

Do not wear this machine when charging, do not remove and repair this product on your own;

The functions described in this manual are not used as a reason for the use of the product for special purposes.


Product features:

Unique design, leading the new trend of intelligent life;

Built-in plasma purification disinfection device, when normal, plasma release is relatively weak ( ozone amount less than 0.05PPM) can create a post-thunderstorm effect of the negative oxygen ion state, as bathed in the original forest air fresh environment, can relieve fatigue, mental pressure;

Product charging at the same time, and into the strong sterilization mode, can be in the respiratory space for bacteria and virus elimination, effectively avoid the next wearing of the safety problem;

Double fan structure design, active suction + exhalation, from this farewell to the traditional mask suffocation and wet heat situation, to avoid ejection leakage;

Product performance:

Effective protection:

Soft-pack ( lithium-ion battery (explosion-proof) power, nano-scale filtration material high efficiency barrier particles, purification rate of up to 99.97% (filter material maximum filtration efficiency) to ensure ultra-clean new wind. ) )

Lightweight design:

Skin-friendly medical grade materials (FDA food ) ergonomic design, weighing only 110 grams, easy to wear, convenient and comfortable.

High degree of air-based power :

Double fan active air delivery, according to fluid mechanics, combined with face design, accelerate the flow of air after filtration

Generality, six times super-high winds, improve the smoothness of breathing, to ensure that the wearer in the case of serious air pollution, can still go out and exercise normally, such : running, cycling, mountaineering, special work and so on.

High-mirror, high-efficiency :

Built-in replaceable KN95 filter cotton effectively filters fine particles in the air (PM2.5),dust, bacteria, smoke, pollen, dust mites and other substances that are harmful to health. Nano-scale high-efficiency particle filtration cotton, which can remove particles with a diameter of more than 0.3 microns up to 99.97% and is the most effective filter medium for pollutants such as PM2.5, smoke, dust and bacteria.

Safety long-term: :

The fan motor has an extended life and can operate continuously for 20,000 hours.

Use areas:

Mainly used in haze , dust days , pollen season and other harsh environment protection.

Applicable to outdoor , medical , factories , construction sites and other places.

Switch Description

A special design is made on the product's switch ; the product will automatically work when it is worn (when the battery is charged) and automatically shut down when it is removed. This avoids the frequent switch action to make the product more humane.

How to charge the product:

The template is adapted to be charged with a locally attached charging data cable, one end of the data cable is connected to the charging interface of the product, the other end is connected to the USB (5V 1A charging ) interface, and then plugged into the AC100-240V power supply.

The local charging time is approximately 4 hours, when charging the red light is on and the red light goes out when fully charged.

High-combination products should be switched off when not in use for a long time, and it is recommended to charge once in three months.

Product cleaning and maintenance:

Do a good job of cleaning and maintaining the product, first shut down and unplug the charging data cable when cleaning.

When the anti-tampering cover breaks, defiles, or has excessive breathing resistance, it is even more shrouded.

In addition to silicone cover, head rope can be removed to clean with water, other components are not available for water cleaning.

'Green shell surfaces can be cleaned with dry cleaners or scrubbed with alcohol.

'Mirror silicone housing can be removed directly and cleaned with water, alcohol or in boiling water.

Internal cleaning, with cotton sheet smudge alcohol in the inside of the case for cleaning.

Should have been kept in a dry, cool place to avoid prolonged sunlight.

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