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Please excuse us for not being able to waive or combine shipping charges in our Covid-19 section for the following reasons. It's more about business right now.

We believe our shipping policy deters hoarders, resellers, and exporters from taking our inventory for purposes not in line with our goal which is to service front line healthcare professionals directly with superior protective products. During time like this, our experience is people tend to over order when shipping charges are low. Our shipping charges keep the overall ordering reasonable so we may service as many as we can. We get buy-out offers every day on popular items. EVERYDAY! Holding our shipping policy first is the only reason why we still have products to distribute to everyone. Our shipping policy bring buyers' desired quantities down to a reasonable level.

To ensure you get your products in the most expeditious manner we can, we have limited our shipping carrier to the more costly USPS Priority and First Class service as default. The reason is we have been experiencing UPS and Fedex return of packages. It seems like when they can't find the receiver right away they often cite "emergency" and just return them to the sender. USPS has been a very reliable carrier through this time but it's very costly to practically ship everything via the equivalency of a 2nd Day or 3-Day air. We have changed our operations from shipping 4 hours a day 5 days a week to 12 hours a day 7 days a week to get products as fast to you as we possibly can. Our overtime cost has been skyrocketing due to our change in operations.

We also don't wait - Right now our policy is we ship whatever we can ship right now and we don't wait for orders to be completed. We have many pre-order items on our Covid-19 section for customers to reserve products for shipment right after arrival but we don't wait to ship what we can ship now. We don't wait to combine ship your products if that product is not an essential piece of the order.

We ship from different locations - We stock different product in Los Angeles and Fort Worth depending on where they land. Not all our orders can be combined for a single shipment. Our Fort Worth facility is closer to many of our strategic suppliers in the Mid West and we typically will send critical shipments there to save transit time.

We need help to keep going- We understand cost is important. However, global shortage on PPE is real. During this crisis our company deploys the strategy of searching from outside of the US. We feel that if a product is within our borders it is very unproductive if we just take a product from another US seller to sell to healthcare professionals that eventually the original seller was probably going to do anyway. We call that a zero-sum that does not help to increase the overall availability of PPE within our borders. Instead we go out to the global market and try to recover any portion of the PPE that was vacuumed out of this country during the first few weeks of February when the threat emerged in Asia. Working through local partners we have in strategic market places we try to compete with other countries on any available and useful PPE products. We call this a net-increase that we want to contribute. Having adequate cash flow return helps us keep going as every round we do right now our purchasing power is diminishing significantly as global competition for the scarce pool of PPE continue to worsen and transportation costs keep increasing at a alarming rate due to the vast reduction of air travel. Shipping costs help us spread that cost around so we can keep doing what we do at a time like this. Before this pandemic, a pallet takes hundreds of dollars to be air freighted in, now with reduced global flights, it's thousands of dollars and we have to fight for plane space. Every round we do on the global market what $100 can buy last round can get us only $70-85 worth the next round.

Please send us any questions or comment via our TEXT support line. We are with you and we are working very hard trying to balance helping and surviving during this time of crisis.

James J Shih
President & General Manager