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We are fully mobilized. I currently supervise our shipping operation for PPE to the front-line healthcare providers personally. You will get 2 notifications in your email when your shipment is made. 1 immediately when the shipping label is generated. 1 at around mid night that day on the details of that shipment. We try to ship them out as soon as we can but we are very overwhelmed with orders and requests at this point. We continue to prioritize responding to important technical questions on our text support line. We ask for your patience as we are all hands on deck. Any unnecessary questions we have to respond to it pulls a person from order processing and shipping that delays shipments further. We ship mainly from our Los Angeles main warehouse and depending on where you are in the country it typically will get there within 2-3 days after the label is generated and packages are sent to the post office the same or following business day. as we are using expedited shipping services as much as we can.

James J Shih
President & General Manager