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We are not allowing returns for any products purchased from our Covid-19 section. Please understand if you think you may not need it and just want to purchase them for insurance purposes please don't. You are taking away valuable life-saving PPE for others who actually do need it. If you ended up not needing them we recommend you donate or resell them to another colleague that is not being protected. Some of the return reasons are very disturbing to us and we hope to never see them again.

One ER physician got very irritated when we cancelled his order for ordering over our restricted limit without communicate the need. The comment was somewhat to the tune of "i'm busy trying to save lives i don't have time for your BS." Afterwards he did resubmit his order to the amount complying with our restriction. What we wanted to but didn't say was "it is precisely because of our restrictions anyone has anything to buy right now". We know everyone wants safety and security in supply but right now we live in a world where that is an luxury we can't afford. We used to have people just trying to wipe out our inventory in one order. It's easier for us but what about everyone else. We have to allocate right now to cover as many people as we can and take it one week at a time. We will always have a solution, it may not be the same as the last time but it will work with the system you purchased from us in the past and it will work. That's all we can promise at a time when demand greatly outpaces supply. Please respect our ordering restriction, cancelling customer orders are not something a business likes to do, believe me.

James J Shih
President & General Manager