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There is no ample supply of PPE within our border and that's a fact. We have not received any regular shipment on our PPE orders from manufacturers since the beginning of Feb. APD Inc believes we need to leverage of our global relationships built over the decades and bring in products from other parts of the world to increase the net quantity of available PPE within our borders. Fighting among each other for limited pool of products within our borders don't do anyone good. We don't participate in this zero-sum game. We support manufacturers' position to prioritize the needs of our front-line healthcare providers.

Our manufacturers are global companies. They produce many popular products in many parts of the world. For example, as far as we know, 3M produces the popular 2091 and 2097 filters in the USA, Brazil, Korea, and Singapore. Our position is that as long as product comes from a 3M operated or 3M controlled facility we want it. There will be difference in packaging, slight differences in feel to the product. However, we know 3M maintains a product standard that's uniform across its global operations. Raw materials sourced locally will always have variations, even from batch to batch. If you care about where products are made please do not order from us. We are scrambling to bring in products to get everyone protected and right now in this world we are not in position to be picky. We can only guarantee our products have been inspected and is sourced from proper channels that we trust and are not knock-offs (we called them counterfeit more formally). Our partners have decades of operating experience in the market they operate in and are experts in identifying counterfeit products.

James J Shih
President & General Manager