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Please look for "Availability" information on each item you want to purchase. Generally speaking, we maintain a large inventory of popular products and most items can be shipped out within 48 hours. We also ship directly from any of 3M's distribution centers around the country when we think there is a transit time advantage or when we experience temporary stock-out due to our daily product flow. For the sake of simplicity, we calculate shipping cost from our Ontario, CA location and we do not adjust shipping cost upwards or downwards after an order is processed. You are encouraged to take advantage of our low minimum for free delivery which is only $350 anywhere within the continental US.

MTO items carries a longer lead time of 2 to 4 weeks but generally APD, Inc. can expedite such orders on behalf of our customers.
When we cannot ship orders during the reasonable time frame our customers expect, we contact our customers immediately to discuss other options. Situations where we cannot ship according to the general guideline we have described above is rare but inevitably happens a few times a year. We believe communication is the key to any relationship. We'd rather have orders cancelled than to cause production problems for our customers.
We also encourage customers to communicate with us on large quantity and time-sensitive items. We are open to any discussion on special stocking arrangements with our customers to ensure timely deliveries. Our operation is always flexible enough to be able to work with your particular needs.
At APD, Inc. we take pride in the fact that all our employees are trained in St. Paul at the Prestigious 3M Research and Development Campus. This more than anything else gives us our signature credibility, product knowledge, and interconnectedness with 3M and their extensive array of unique products. We believe that to do something well, one must sacrifice the convenience of carrying numerous competitive products in order to achieve mastery over what is considered the best. We only sell 3M because we can stand behind their products and know that 3M will stand behind us when challenges arise.

Our business model and proceses were designed with simplicity and precision in mind. Thus you will never receive any "spam" communication from us. We do not believe we have to entice, pressure, or use any other techniques to encourage our customers to purchase from us. We will just be on standby for you, ready to provide you with great products and great service when you need us.
Thank you for choosing APDmro.Com as your source for 3M products!
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