You are here:Home > How Do We Operate? operated by APD Incorporated. Our goal is simply getting the right product to you in the shortest time and we need your help on this.

Although APD Incorporated maintains a large inventory of popular products, we cannot stock them all. Like other distributors, we rely heavily on manufacturers' inventory support, here are a few details you want to keep in mind before you place an order with us.

A. Manufacturers Drop-Ship

1. 3M

Currently, 3M will direct-ship to google verified commercial addresses but not residential. If in 3M's stock, 3M can typically ship out to commercial addresses within about 3 business days. Most of the time it will come from one of the 3 major 3M distribution centers in California, Illinois, and Pennsylvania. The majority of 3M's inventory is in its Illinois location. If the ship-to address is a residential address, we will have to put your order on one of our daily purchase orders to 3M and bring your product into our California facility and ship from here. If in 3M's stock, this will typically add 1 to 10 days to your shipment depending on where your product is located. 3M is a large organization, expedited shipping is often a difficult thing for 3M to pull through on time. We always recommend customers to plan early and avoid trying to use expedited shipping options with 3M products.

2. Saint-Gobain Abrasives (Norton)

Although there is no commercial/residential address restrictions, typically we will have to bring your item into our California facility if your order is below $150. We typically place into-stock orders about twice a week. This typically adds about 4-10 days to your shipment if your item is in stock in their Midwest and East Coast facilities. Saint-Gobain typically ships very fast to direct-ship addresses. When in stock and order is placed early enough in the day, Saint-Gobain can often ship the item same day or next day.

3. Dynabrade

Although there is also no commercial/residential address restrictions, typically we will have to bring your item into our California facility if your order is below $350. We typically place into-stock order about once a week. This typically adds about 10 days to your shipment if your item is in stock in their East Coast facility. Dynabrade also ships its in stock item fairly quickly, if you need your items faster we recommend you using your own UPC or FedEx account to facilitate a faster ship-out.

B. Communications

1. E-mail

Our business hours are Monday-Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM PST excluding major holidays. Typically during our business hours we respond to our e-mails relatively quickly if the e-mail is clear without interpretation. Delay may occur if further investigation is needed to determine the correct response needed. Please make sure you can receive e-mails from domain. We only keep your e-mail to communicate with you directly regarding your question or orders. We will not send you other information unless you have signed up for our e-mail notification.

2. Text

During business hours, text is the fastest and easiest way to communicate with us. If you are within the USA, you can text us at 877-627-6040. Text records are easy to review and allow our customers to view and respond at their convenience.

3. Phone

We do not offer phone support. Phone supports are time consuming and inefficient in dealing with high volume of support requests. Phone support impacts the company's ability to intervene and help our customers when problems arise. Our e-mail and text records are accessible and viewable by all support staffs and managers of the company.

4. Trust the Communication

Please trust what we tell you. Although sometimes it is not what our customers want to hear, APD Incorporated's main customer service goal is to give our customers correct information at the time it's given. There are many factors that can potentially affect your order and our goal is to navigate those obstacles on your behalf and communicate information as accurate as possible to our customers. APD Incorporated will not tell you something is almost shipping when we know it's really a week or two out.

C. Tell Us

If you have a make or break condition on your order. Please tell us before you place an order or at the time of order. If a 2 week made-to-order item is placed and we do not know it needs to dock in a week we cannot provide adequate support lacking important information. Please always let us know what you need so we may manage your order in a meaningful manner.

D. Feedback

Many of the improvements we have made to our operations came from our customers. We thank you for your support and if there is anything we can do better or with more logic please feel free to let us know, we take our customers' constructive opinions very seriously.