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APD Consumer Products Clients APD Defense and Heavy Industries Clients
We incorporate 3M products into every day consumer applications.
We use 3M products to help our customers move mountains.
APD Diversified Products Clients APD Education Clients uses 3M solutions to help diversified giants in their production and R&D efforts
Educational institutions rely on 3M solutions in their research labs and maintenance departments every day
APD Food & Beverages Clients APD Government Clients
From shortening and temperature monitoring to facility cleanliness, and 3M have got our customers covered is one of the largest and most respected suppliers of 3M Government Solutions products in the country
APD Medical Clients APD Military Clients
3M solutions for medical devices and pharmaceutical products, delivers salutes our military forces
APD Non-Profit Organization Clients APD Oil/Gas/Electric Energy Clients
3M solutions helps to protect, to educate, and to preserve some of our greatest assets
From electrical products to asset tracing products assembly, has the right 3M solutions for the energy industries.
APD Specialty Vehicle and Marine Clients APD Sports & Entertainment Clients
APD incorporates 3M technologies time tested and new to help our customers build faster, lighter, and tougher products.
APD assists companies in sports and entertainment industries to achieve amazing results with 3M innovative products.
APD Technology Clients APD Transportation Clients
3M Innovation at its best. 3M solutions touch all aspects of our technological development
Whether by air, by land, or by ocean, 3M solutions keep freight moving efficiently